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Re: 64bit status report : biarch toolchain and ppc64 debian kernel.

> Yeah, things are not as fast as we hope, but we are a volunteer organisation,
> so we will see.
> But if in a month or so NPTL is not yet enabled, we will go and ask them, but
> the current way is to make small incremental steps, i guess.

Turning on NPTL is a one liner or such in the package config file... it
work fine, I've been running NPTL enabled packages for ages.

> This is irrelevant to the rest of the decision about biarch, and i would like
> your input on this one.
> In particular if anyone knows what the status of linking 32bit code with
> 64bit code is ? Or if we really need to rebuild all libraries as 64bit version ?

You can't cross link. You need 2 sets of libs unfortunately.


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