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Re: On the use of DVD recordable media (was: Re: DVD+R writing problems)

Rogério Brito wrote (Sunday 14 August 2005 2:06 pm):
> Anyway, just out of curiosity: are you able to read all the DVD discs that
> you burn on regular computer or standalone drives? I have only had success
> when using DVD-R media, not with the other variants (DVD+RW or DVD-RW; I
> don't have DVD+R media).

I seem to be able to. My DVD-ROM drive on hdd hasn't complained about any of 
them. I did have some troubles with some lab computers at uni, but I believe 
that to be a different issue entirely. But my test sample isn't large enough.

This whole +/- thing is stupid. So, what, now they're going to do it again, 
worse, with HDDVD/BlueRay or whatever? Peh.


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