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Re: Assign Apple Keys = CTRL

On Fri, Aug 12, 2005 at 11:33:15PM -0700, Brian C wrote:

> I followed these instructions. However, I am using gdm and Gnome and now 
> when Gnome loads I get a message saying, "You have a keyboard remapping 
> file (.Xmodmap) in your home directory whose contents will now be ignored."

In some pre-2.20.2 Gnome versions it helped here to open up the
"sessions" GUI (2.20.2: Desktop ---> Preferences ---> Sessions): In
the latter opening up the "Startup programs" tab, and adding here a line
like "xmodmap .xmodmap" helped to let Gnome accept the instructions
from this file for my keyboard ... at this pre-2.20.2 version I still
had xfre86 'tho ...

Today with version Gnome 2.20.2 and Xorg running after logging in to X
Gnome asked me, IIRC, what to with some $HOME/.xmodmap* files it found
... so, with this version at least, Gnome seems to accept and read
user defined $HOME/.xmodmap* files again ...

I have been using GDM for all my Gnome sessions the last years, IIRC ..

I wrote a bit on keyboard settings some time ago:


HTH, and good luck ..



Wolfgang Pfeiffer

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