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Re: pbbuttonsd, synaptics and sleep on lid close

On Sat, Aug 13, 2005 at 10:25 PM, Matthias Grimm wrote:

> "mouse" (according the pdf document you posted to the list). To
> differentiate the apple and the synaptics trackpad the first four bytes
> would be sufficient. Why do you check for the device class too?

Because it's different for trackpads in relative (0x03) or absolute
(0x00) mode.

> This could only mean you have a standard Apple ABD trackpad and use a
> different kernel driver for it which emulates a synaptic trackpad. How
> close got I with this?

It's right, but it's not an emulation: trackpads on adb bus of every
quite recent ibook/pbook are from Synaptics. The adbhid driver uses
tpad in relative mode, this[1] kernel patch simply initialize and
manage tpad in absolute mode. In this way you can use synaptics_drv in

[1] http://www.artha.org/shammash/ppc/adb_syn/adb_synaptics_0.1.diff


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