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Re: mouseemu in need of a new maintainer

> My iBook G4 died an horrible death - it's been showered by a leak in the
> roof, basically - and won't start after drying. As I won't be able to
> buy another one, I probably won't be able to hack on mouseemu either
> for a while. If anyone wants to take maintainership, he's welcome to do
> so.

You're not talking about Debian package maintainership, right? That
package is maintained by Gaudenz Steinlin according to the BTS. Speaking
of bugs, it seems #304734 should be closed - the consensus was the
interaction between pbbuttonsd and mouseemu were caused by insufficient
number of event devices available, or pbbuttonsd (old versions) using a
hardcoded number of event devices that was too low.

What's to be done on mouseemu right now, beyond bugfixes?


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