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How to create a Rules.make in the kernel-sources?


I'm trying to compile a driver module for some 2.6.12 kernel sources:
The compile of this module always quickly stops. As it seems because
of a missing Rules.make file in the top level kernel source directory,
or because if a missing rule to build Rules.make:

:$ time MAKEFLAGS="CC=gcc-4.0" make -C /home/shorty/sources.2.6/kernel-org-source/linux-2.6.12/linux-2.6.11 SUBDIRS=$PWD modules
make: Entering directory `/home/shorty/sources.2.6/kernel-org-source/linux-2.6.12/linux-2.6.11'
/home/shorty/downloads/wlan/ralink/RT2500-Linux-STA- /home/shorty/sources.2.6/kernel-org-source/linux-2.6.12/linux-2.6.11/Rules.make: No such file or directory
scripts/Makefile.build:52: kbuild: /home/shorty/downloads/wlan/ralink/RT2500-Linux-STA- - Usage of O_TARGET := rt2560_sta.o is obsolete in 2.6. Please fix!
make[1]: *** No rule to make target `/home/shorty/sources.2.6/kernel-org-source/linux-2.6.12/linux-2.6.11/Rules.make'.  Stop.
make: *** [_module_/home/shorty/downloads/wlan/ralink/RT2500-Linux-STA-] Error 2
make: Leaving directory

So when building the kernel/Debian kernel-package: Is there a special
flag for either make or make-kpkg that also creates this, as it seems
from above, missing Rules.make

Or - alternatively - does the driver source expect to find some rule
somewhere to build this Rules.make file; a rule that in this case it
does not see .. ?

I'm stumped, and before running around in Google-circles for hours:
Anyone with a sugesstion?

Thanks in anticipation 

Wolfgang Pfeiffer

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