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powerbook power-off and 2.6.13-rc[3,4]

Hi list:

I'm using 2.6.12.x on a powerbook post-feb'05 and all it's working ok
except "ondemand" and "conservative" cpufreq governors. I can load their
modules but the 'echo ondemand >/sys/...' does not work (neither with

--Meanwhile I use "userspace" governor with 'powernowd' which it does

I decided to give a try to 2.6.13-rc3 and 2.6.13-rc4 to see if this
cpufreq issue had been addressed (they still don't work for me with
these  '-rc' kernels in case you want to know) but then realized that
when I tried to halt my machine it did not get powered-off, I had to
push the power on/off button to power it off.

Has anyone observed this behaviour (O.S. halt ok but _no_ power-off at
the end) with these new '-rc' kernels?

I reverted to 2.6.12.x which do power off the powerbook.

A. Corbi.

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