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Re: java: execute .jnlp files ?

Joerg Rossdeutscher <ratti@gesindel.de> writes:

> Am Freitag, den 10.06.2005, 02:38 +0800 schrieb William Xu:
>> Hi, guys,
>> I've installed IBM's jdk1.4.2, and able to run some java
>> applications. But still i can't execute .jnlp files. I notice that in
>> Sun's jdk, javaws is used to run .jnlp, while in IBM's jdk, i only find
>> javaw. What's the differences between javaws and javaw ? Any ideas?
> I am not sure, but maybe you can look for java webstarter. I think that
> is the tool you need.

Yes. After googling for a while, got this: Java Status in PowerPC
(Posted Feb 19, 2005 - 08:27 AM).


Pietro Pesci Feltri writes:

PowerPC users goes behind x86 counterparts in software availability but
Java can help to reduce the gap because WORA nature of Java allow to run

The bad news is that right now Java on Power goes way behind x86 :(.

Some time ago, there was a hope Java on PowerPC will become in pair with
Intel users because Blackdown was porting all Java features to Power
Architecture. The problem arise when JIT technology appear and Apple and
IBM refused to donate the code to Blackdown. There was no problem with
Apple users that anyway are tied to Apple products but in the Linux side
we only got with IBM as option and no choice in the Linux world is a
really bad thing.

Anyway IBM was doing a good job porting Java but the problem is:

Some clever Java technologies as Java Web Start, Java Advanced Imaging
(JAI) and java plugin are not available for PowerPC and IBM appear don't
plan to port it in the near term. I hate the idea to return to x86 but
lack of software is heavily important to me and many other users I

Again Power users are second class citizens.

Someone has any idea to solve this?.

Pietro Pesci Feltri


How sad.. Even apple itself is going to hug intel recently, we are so


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