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Re: java: execute .jnlp files ?

On Fri, Jun 10, 2005 at 02:38:45AM +0800, William Xu spake thus:
> Hi, guys,
> I've installed IBM's jdk1.4.2, and able to run some java
> applications. But still i can't execute .jnlp files. I notice that in
> Sun's jdk, javaws is used to run .jnlp, while in IBM's jdk, i only find
> javaw. What's the differences between javaws and javaw ? Any ideas?
    Hi.  IBM only has the Java(TM) Plug-In and WebStart(TM) for their x86 JRE/JDK for Linux; you can double-check this in the docs - I am going from memory.  There was a previous thread about the IBM JRE/JDK that included discussion of this a few months back on this list.  
    If they did have these facilities for PowerPC and you wanted it to behave like the Sun JRE/JDK handles .jnlp files on their supported architectures, one additional requirement would be updating the shared-mime-info database to execute javaws when .jnlp files are attempted to be launched.

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