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Re: booting with Beige G3 266?

On Wed, Jun 08, 2005 at 04:16:44PM +0000, Mike S wrote:
> Ok I again have a question for the experts on this list.  I have never 
> come across a problem where the computer wouldn't boot.  I just bought 
> my mother-in-law an old beige g3 266 so she could play some games, or 
> her kids could type on it, and whatnot.  It does not have an internal 
> hard drive, so I thought until either I or her got one I would start off 
> a livecd.  I have tried both debian and ubuntu, but neither one will 
> even start to boot.  Is this an old world that would need a different 
> bootloader rather than the yaboot that's on the cd's?  Just to see 
> whether this was a problem with the computer I popped in an OS 9 cd and 
> that started fine.
> I rooted around a bit in the open firmware, but don't know how to do 
> much, except I did figure out that it's really old, like 2.4 I think it 
> said.  This is rev a hardware, according to the box, and I am wondering 
> if anyone has had similar problems.

Yes, all beige g3 models are oldworld. They aren't supported by yaboot
and the Debian CDs aren't expected to boot on them. The only Macs that
can have a bootable CD with 100% free software (at the moment) are
newworld models for various reasons. It's been well discussed here.

I believe the OF revision is 3.0 or greater on all newworld models.

	Brad Boyer

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