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booting with Beige G3 266?

Ok I again have a question for the experts on this list. I have never come across a problem where the computer wouldn't boot. I just bought my mother-in-law an old beige g3 266 so she could play some games, or her kids could type on it, and whatnot. It does not have an internal hard drive, so I thought until either I or her got one I would start off a livecd. I have tried both debian and ubuntu, but neither one will even start to boot. Is this an old world that would need a different bootloader rather than the yaboot that's on the cd's? Just to see whether this was a problem with the computer I popped in an OS 9 cd and that started fine.

I rooted around a bit in the open firmware, but don't know how to do much, except I did figure out that it's really old, like 2.4 I think it said. This is rev a hardware, according to the box, and I am wondering if anyone has had similar problems.

--Mike S

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