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Re: WMV DLL for ppc.

On Mon, Jun 06, 2005 at 06:00:05PM +0200, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
} On Mon, Jun 06, 2005 at 05:37:03PM +0200, Alex Fernandez wrote:
} > Have you tried with vlc? It plays wmv:
} >  http://www.videolan.org/vlc/features.html
} I tried, but it does not work for me, e.g.:
}   [00000249] main playlist: adding playlist item `foo.wmv' ( foo.wmv )
}   [00000260] access_file access error: seeking too far
}   [00000294] main decoder error: no suitable decoder module for fourcc `WMV3'.
}   VLC probably does not support this sound or video format.
} I've ever believed there's no way at all on linux/ppc to see those kind
} of video, am I wrong?

The way it works on x86 Linux is by using the Windows DLLs. Now, there is a
version of WMP for MacOS X which must install a codec library somewhere,
and there is probably a way to shim a Mach-O library to be used with a
Linux ELF executable. That said, no one's done it. For that matter, no one
has even gotten vlc for MacOS X to use the WMP library.

The other possible hope is that someone will take the WMV9 codec reference
implementation that was submitted to some standardization group and
integrate it (with questionable legality) into vlc/xine/mplayer. There was
a proof-of-concept of this on Slashdot a while back.

} Cheers.
} Stefano Zacchiroli -*- Computer Science PhD student @ Uny Bologna, Italy

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