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Re: install 2nd HD G5

On Sunday 05 June 2005 00:43, Wesley Smith wrote:
> You're right that I don't need to do the source thing.  I do have a
> question about "chroot /mnt/ur.sdb3.mnt.pt /usr/sbin/ybin" however.
> By doing this command, will ybin now access the modified yaboot.conf
> in sdb3?  What is it that chroot is doing in this command?  I realize
> this is a basic question, but I'm kind of fuzzy on what the function
> of chroot is.
> thanks,
> wes

Chroot moves / to /mnt/mountpoint.

That means, when you run ybin, and it goes to look at /etc/yaboot.conf, it 
looks at the one under /mnt/mountpoint/etc, as root ('/') has been moved for 
that process.

The chroot manpage explains a bit better what it does, but fails to explain 
*why* you might want to do it.


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