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Re: iMac G5 Status?

On 05-Jun-02 23:03, Paul Brossier wrote:
> I have also tried to install a pppc64 chroot as explained in
> http://debian-ppc64.alioth.debian.org/READ_ME , but:
> sudo debootstrap --arch ppc64 \
>  --exclude=gcc-3.3-base,libstdc++5,libdb3 \
>  --include=gcc-4.0-base,libstdc++6 \
>  sarge ppc64.chroot http://debian-ppc64.alioth.debian.org/gcc4
> [...]
> I: Validating aptitude
> I: Retrieving aptitude
> W: http://debian-ppc64.alioth.debian.org/gcc4/pool/main/a/aptitude/aptitude_0.2.15.9- was corrupt
> E: Couldn't download aptitude

Please use sid - sarge is not working yet.

> when using sid instead, i just get:
> E: Couldn't download gcc-4.0-base
> i have debootstrap 0.2.45-0.2 installed. any idea?

The problem with 'gcc-4.0-base' has been fixed. 
The debootstrap command for ppc64/sid should work now.

Thanks for reporting this issue.

Andrea Jochens

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