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Re: ibook g3 airport problem

on Thursday 19 May 2005 01:57, Moritz Lutz wrote:
> ibook:/home/espo# iwconfig eth0 key "s:xxxx"
> Error for wireless request "Set Encode" (8B2A) :
>     SET failed on device eth0 ; Operation not supported.
> ibook:/home/espo#

a similar problem apeared with last upgrade to with this patch[0]

guffy:/home/bencer# ifdown eth1
Error for wireless request "Set Mode" (8B06) :
   SET failed on device eth1 ; Invalid argument.

May 19 19:19:50 [kernel] orinoco 0.13e (David Gibson 
<hermes@gibson.dropbear.id.au>, Pavel Roskin <proski@gnu.org>, et al)
May 19 19:19:50 [kernel] airport 0.13e (Benjamin Herrenschmidt 
May 19 19:19:50 [kernel] airport: Airport at physical address 80030000
May 19 19:19:52 [kernel] eth1: Station identity 001f:0001:0008:0046
May 19 19:19:55 [kernel] eth1: New link status: Connected (0001)

[0] http://www.kismetwireless.net/code/orinoco-2.6.11-rfmon-dragorn-1.diff
Jorge Salamero Sanz (bencer)
mail: <bencer@cauterized.net>
blog: <http://bys.cauterized.net/>
http: <http://www.cauterized.net/>

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