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Re: OT: Howto set Mozilla Firefox mailto links

Tommy Trussell wrote:
As I just mentioned in another message, I just installed the latest
Mozilla-Thunderbird package from testing.

[Why is there an update-alternatives option to set the mailto links in
Mozilla Firefox? I've used Debian for a few years now but the
Mozilla-Thunderbird package is the first time I've interacted with the
update-alternatives system, so please forgive me if this is old news.]

Here is the technique I just used to make mailto links point from
Firefox to Thunderbird. This is for Firefox 1.0 (don't know about any

1) Launch Firefox and view the configuration strings using the URL
2) using the field at the top, search for

3) If you do NOT have network.protocol-handler.app.mailto (normally
you don't), create it using these steps:
  a) right-click
  b) choose New --> String
  c) new string: network.protocol-handler.app.mailto
  d) new value: /usr/bin/mozilla-thunderbird

4) If you already see an entry for
network.protocol-handler.app.mailto, verify the path to the mail
client. Double click the string to set it if necessary. Also be sure
network.protocol-handler.external.mailto is set to true.

P.S. The Evolution package can set Firefox mailto links to launch
Evolution, but I could never find the setting to change it!

THANK YOU! THANK YOU for your OT mail!
I will forward this on my lug's list

I had a favourite quote, but I forgot it. And it was insightful.

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