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Re: stranded Ibook g4 users

Colin Leroy wrote:

> See there:
> ftp://ftp.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/people/colin/patches/2.6.12-rc2/
> Get the four USB patches by Greg KH and the Fix_IDE_related_crash
> patch by Ben.
> They work great for me, and I think they're all in the queue to 2.6.12.

Hi Colin,

I tryed these patched on my iBook G4 (late 2004). Since, suspend to RAM
works nearly like a charm. I can unplug the mouse while sleeping, the
computer does not freeze when waking up.

But when I unplug my usb mouse (without even going to sleep), mouseemu and
pbbuttonsd start to eat 99% of the cpu and I have to restart them. Is there
a way to investigate on my machine to find out the problem and help the


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