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Re: does sleep work with the patched 2.6.10 kernel?

On Wed, 2005-04-13 at 17:13 +0930, John Steele Scott wrote:
> Mauro <mcepeda@ualberta.ca> writes:
> > Which leads me to assume that John Steele Scoot either is not using a
> > iBook G4 as posted, as I am using [an early 2004 ibook G4] or he is
> > passing a few commands before going to sleep.
> >
> > What's the scoop Scott?
> No scoop. I just verified that with the release version of Hoary, sleep
> does not work. But I also know that the kernel I was using a couple of weeks
> ago did support sleep. I suspect that it was linux-image-2.6.10-31 which
> worked, but I don't use sleep much these days, so I haven't checked.
> cheers,
> John
Can you confirm kernel version?  There are several of us wanting to get
to the bottom of this at:
But it seems that it has already been narrowed down.  We just need to
know what patches we need, although there are a few suggestions already.

Just for archival history:
I'm using the kernel version on an early 2004 ibook with the
9200 radeon. 

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