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Re: does sleep work with the patched 2.6.10 kernel?

Il giorno 12/apr/05, alle 00:58, Mauro ha scritto:

After installing the 2.6.10-5-powerpc ubuntu kernel my iBook now goes to
sleep perfectly, it just doesn't wake up or does quickly followed by a
kernel panic (black screen).

I can confirm I have exactly the same problem, and that it's been there since the beginning of the hoary release schedule. I have an ibook g4 bought in July 2004 (14" G4 1.2 Mhz). I even disabled dri and usb but still always had this problem. I never submitted a bug report beccause some people said the problem was "fixed" on Ubuntu's Bugzilla. So I always blamed my lameness...

Giuseppe Lavagetto

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