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alsa juk

After the last installation I got a problem with alsa in a KDE 3.3.2. After running alsaconf everything works perfectly, but after a reboot alsa is no longer running, so I have to run alsaconf again. There is no /etc/init.d/alsa, but I'm not sure about how Debian handles this.
Can anyone give me an advice?
Thanks a lot.

PS With amarok I can listen musica, but Juk (2.1.2) just does not work. Video-files work fine, too (mplayer, xine, kaffeine). Juk does not give me any error messages. When I press play, everything goes (the position inidcatore moves, the equalizer..) but no sound. When I try to reread the directory it does not do it, like freayes on the information of yesterday, so I cannot let it read new files.

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