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Re: alsa juk

Hallo Björn,

on my PowerBook G4 I've notice that the sound volume is set to minimum
when I reboot. This occurs since my last update. You might have the same
problem. Have you tried explicitly setting the volume (with pbbuttons,
alsamixer, or any similar appli)? This does not really solve your
problem, but if it works, it might provide a temporary work-around.



On Tue, 2005-04-12 at 06:38, Björn Schöpe wrote:
> Hey!
> After the last installation I got a problem with alsa in a KDE 3.3.2. 
> After running alsaconf everything works perfectly, but after a reboot 
> alsa is no longer running, so I have to run alsaconf again. There is no 
> /etc/init.d/alsa, but I'm not sure about how Debian handles this.
> Can anyone give me an advice?
> Thanks a lot.
> Regards.
> -Bjoern.
> PS With amarok I can listen musica, but Juk (2.1.2) just does not work. 
> Video-files work fine, too (mplayer, xine, kaffeine). Juk does not give 
> me any error messages. When I press play, everything goes (the position 
> inidcatore moves, the equalizer..) but no sound. When I try to reread 
> the directory it does not do it, like freayes on the information of 
> yesterday, so I cannot let it read new files.
> -- 
> Composed and send with Thunderbird on Debian "Sarge" (PPC)

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