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I did apt-get update today and installed the latest version of the kernel image 2.6.11 package, whether that is still 2.6.11-1 I don't remember, but actually under the advice of Sven I did install the powerpc-smp one. As I figurred on boot my sccreen goes blank while the rest of the starrtup happens. But as I told Sven I would "play ball" and file official bug reports against the kernel package. So does this qualify for a bug report, and/or could somebody point me to the process? Also I am using the xserrver package from the unstable branch, What does it mean when you start it and the error reported was that it could not find a valid framebuffer device? And just to clarify I know it says this because I have booted with video=ofonly, logged in, and then run startx, but the framebuffer I am suposed to use is aty128fb. But my fear is that if the video=ofonly is passed to the kernel at login that that will stop the x-server from being able to access the aty128 framebuffer, could someone tell me if my fears are justified in that?

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