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Re: kernel 2.6.12-rc2

> vinai wrote:
>>Actually, it needs to be applied to the sources.  Just did
>>exactly that and compiling right now.  Got the and patch for
>>2.6.12-rc2 from kernel.org.
> ok I have both the latest stable patch to bring 2.6.11 to
> and the rc2 patch, I can just apply the patch to the 2.6.11
> source and the rc-2 patch to that right?  And is the Debian 2.6.11
> tree package that installs kernel-source-2.6.11 really different than
> the 2.6.11 kernel source from kernel.org?  Or was my prorblem just
> tryring to apply the patch rc2 before the patch?

Not quite sure.  I actually just grabbed the entire source
tree and applied the rc2 patch.  Just because of how much work goes
on with the kernel from different groups, I would not try to mix
source trees and patches from different places.  There's no easy way
to reconcile what one group does versus another, unless you use
something like CVS or Bitkeeper, and we all know where that's going

So you should be fine applying the patches just like you said.


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