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When I did the dist-upgrade apparently my kernel was not upgraded, because ybin is complaining about my kernel being too old. I looked at my kernel modules and they are still 2.4.x, so if this does mean that my kerrnel is still 2.4 and not the 2.6 that Sarge installs by default, what is the process for upgrading that? Also I can no longer boot into Debian. I modified /etc/yaboot.conf to make it multiboot with my OS X system, then ran ybin, and now whenever I boot it goes into OS X, and when I hold down option it goes to the yaboot menu, but select l for linux, and it just goes back to the same screen as if I held down option, but the colors are messed up. I click the linux partition on that and it brings me back to the yaboot menu. I type l again and it brirngs me back to the screen I just described with the messed up colors, except this time shows no partitions. Back to the drawing board I guess.


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