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Re: XFree86 on SARGE

On Thu, Mar 24, 2005 at 12:31:27PM -0800, Michael wrote:
> Well, I gritted it out and did the 2 day long aptitude dist-upgrade from 
> Woody to Sarge, after numerous questions as to why I didn't.  The iso I 
> downloaded for Sarge must've become corrupted, because the cd-rw I burnt 
> it on wouldn't boot any kernels, apt-cdrom kept giving me read errors, 
> and then I tried to mount it in OS X and that gave me an error.
> But those woes aside, is there a way to add another mirror to the 

you can choose another mirror via dselect

> sources.list file, the one I was using didn't have some packages on it.
> libident 0.22-2
> exim 3.36-13
> nvi 1.79-21
> makedev 2.3.1-75
> doc-linux-test 2004.11-1
> libidn11 0.5.2-3
> procmail 3.22-10
> In case those are important.  It also told me it would install mutt but 
> wouldn't, I'm figuring the reason to be one of those is a dependency for 
> it, I could be wrong.  I think it has something to do with email, right?
> I have attached my XFree86.0.log hoping someone can make heads or tails 
> out of it, I can't, and the error it quits on I have no clue.  "Can't 
> find any screens" Undoubtedly I have a configuration problem.  In case 
> it's a pci problem (my first thought) when I initially configured it it 
> asked for a pci address for my card, I left it at the default which was 
> 0:17:0, I think.  And then doing an lspci it looks like my card is at 
> 0:10:0, but then in the log it looks like my pci bus is being probed by 

lspci gives you the value in hex, whereas XF86Config wants it decimal. 
Hex 0:10:0 is decimal 0:16:0

> xfree  anyway, so I could be wrong.  I will google it for a while, but 
> any help is appreciated
> --Mike
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