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Re: list of PowerMac sound hardware TO-DO (help welcome)

On Tue, 22 Mar 2005 19:01:18 +0100, Frank Gevaerts <frank@gevaerts.be> wrote:
> > My not too old ibook G4/1.3 GHz (PowerBook6,5) has snapper sound.
> > Both Beep and Alsa work, though the volume seems too low after it has
> > been to sleep and turning pcm up to a 100% results in lots of distortion.
> > Before sleeping everything is fine.
> > I didn't manage to record anything with mic.
> try using alsamixer. On my ibook, I had distortion and low volume
> problems until I discovered the "DRC Rang" mixer setting.
> Using alsamixer, I could also switch the input source to mic.
> Frank

Hi Frank, 

On my system (iMac G4), it seems that alsamixer can't save 
"DRC Range" value between reboots. Do you have this problem also?

I hate to fire-up alsamixer everytime, because I have been experimenting
with kernel which needs rather frequent reboot.


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