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odd X errors

Dear folk,

My keyboard is doing something odd in X that it is not doing in the tty consoles.

When I press the regular '=' key (not the keypad '=' key), what comes out in gnome-term, mozilla, etc. is '9='. When I hit '+', what comes out is '(+'. The extra unwanted characters can (thankfully) be deleted, so it's clearly not some arcane unicode glyph.

I figured I'd try 'showkey' to see what's going on, but from the various X terms, it bails with the error message 'Couldnt get a file descriptor referring to the console'.

I have yet to find any documentation that suggests that, for regular characters, X uses any file other than `/etc/console/boottime.kmap.gz'. zless shows nothing obviously unusual in the file. I've also grepped and zgrepped through every file in my system (well, except /dev/* and proc/*) and found a whole bunch of ISO-nnnn-99=foo matches.

I'm not familiar enough with X to figure out what I should be googling for. What -should- I be looking for?

Peter Rooney

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