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How crucial is a swap partition? The only think I know of it being used for is virtual RAM memory, am I wrong? Having 896 MB of RAM I didn't think that I would need one, but I can either use the 512 MB chunk I left free for that, or make another larger partition available, if this list of people more knowledgeable in Linux than I, recommends it.

After I re burnt the iso to a regular cd-r and reinstalled Woody, the installation went smoothly, and I got X-Windows, gcc, gnome, kde, and a bunch of other goodies installed! I am still unable to connect to the internet and don't know why, I have used pppconfig and pon, with no results, and wmdial, I think was the other one, which just kept initializing the modem, and not doing anything else. I will keep searching the man pages for those, and I am starting to realize how much easier it is to configure this stuff on a system you put together yourself, then trying to guess at the preinstalled hardware.

startx doesn't connect, but that doesn't surprise me after an earlier post I read about it, and I have the 4.3.0 sources downloaded, so I may try and compile that instead of using the 4.1 that debian installs.

How different is the debian kernel than a regular kernel? for instance if I just wanted to download a newer kernel's source code, how much hacking would I have to do to get it compiled?

But the Swap thing is really the only question I have at this point, So any and all suggestions are, as always, much appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

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