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Re: Yaboot doesn't come up anymore?

At 11:48 AM 3/16/2005 -0500, Charles Read wrote:
I just did an update on my PowerBookG4 (through Software Update in OSX)
and now yaboot doesnt come up for me to choose which system to boot
into... what happened?



Sounds like the same problem I was referring to in my response to your "MacOSX & Debian dual boot questions... " thread when I mentioned how the "startup disk" control panel "unblessed" the Debian bootstrap partition with yaboot on it. You'll need to re-bless the yaboot partition somehow, and probably also set OpenFirmware to boot from it. I told what worked for me in my previous message.

Someone else should definitely jump in here if there is an easier way to re-bless a partition and set OpenFirmware to boot from it...


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