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Re: Linux on the Mac Mini -- Updated

On Mar 12 2005, Mauro wrote:
> On Sat, 2005-12-02 at 14:08 -0200, Rogério Brito wrote:
> > I am under the impression that journalling in HFS+ was implemented the
> > same way ext3 was implemented over ext2, because if I mount the HFS+
> > Journalled filesystem on a Linux system, Linux shows two hidden files
> > that I can delete.
> I've done some reading about this and Jobs hired a x beos software
> engineer.  Can't remember his name.

His name is Dominic Giampaolo and his page is <http://www.nobius.org/~dbg/>.

> Thus, it is understood that the journaling OS X has is essentially beos
> or at least benefits from beos software engineers previous knowledge
> directly.

It seems that you understood me incorrectly here. What I said was that it
seems that HFS+ with journalling enabled is similar to ext3 in the sense
that they both have "hidden files" (not that hidden, of course) where they
seem to put their transactions.

Mounting a journalled HFS+ FS in Linux and deleting the journal files seems
to make MacOS X think that the filesystem is a regular HFS+ FS.

> So unless ext3 is implemented as beos, I don't think HFS+ journaling is
> related genealogically with ext3.

I didn't say in any moment that they share any code, because:

* I don't know if they share any code;
* I guess that there would be legal problems mixing ext3 code with code in
  Darwin, due to their licences.

Hope this clears the confusion, Rogério.

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