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Sarge Crashes: Soundserver, Konqueror on SMB Mount

Some things that I experienced under Sarge:

Sound Server crashes regulary (KDE) on both of my PPC Systems after some hours 
of work. There are regulary crashes in the speaker.

Konquerer crashes (not regularry) when connecting via wireless to a samba 
share which is a USB 2.0 Disk which is connected to a WIN XP System.
Haven't tested it with built in eneth.
All other drives work fine, so I guess it got something to do with the USB 

Both Systems G3 Powerbooks, one Pismo, one Wallstreet

Has anybody any sugestions?


Rainer Gutkas Bakk. Techn.
Kleiststraße  36
A - 3100 St. Pölten
email: rainer.gutkas@kstp.at
tel  : +43-(0)699 - 13268369

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