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Re: ibook2 r128 xv colour corruption

On Sunday 06 March 2005 10:40, Mauro wrote:
> try it with the official.  Don't fix it if it doesn't give you problems.
> To be honest again,  It could be something other than the rage 128 on my
> iMac that is causing the freezes because some ppc users with this card
> apparently have better success.

3D does seem to be pretty good for me now, apart from occasional flickering 
and a weird refusal to start without crashing by blender.  Xv seems to need 
work, and resolution support is non-existent.  It'd be nice if the driver 
allowed 32-bit with 3D, like OS X can do, but otherwise good :)

lol, I'm ignoring the render extension, of course, which seems to be 
perpetually unaccelerated ;D

Does anyone know what the best options are for the R128 driver on iBook2s, by 
the way?  Is it safe/useful to add ProgramFPRegs, for instance?


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