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ibook2 r128 xv colour corruption

Hi all :)

I've noticed a driver-ish problem with Xv recently, with my ATI Rage 128 
mobility M3...

When playing large movies (say 800x600; definitely 1024x768) using Xv, it 
seems to be unable to allocate the memory required.  As a result, mplayer 
crashes, and xine shows only a green screen.  Regardless of which player I 
use though, the entire X screen becomes corrupted, as if the palette had been 
changed on a colour-mapped screen.  But it's 16-bit true-colour, so I'm not 
sure what's going on there.

Anyone have ideas on that, or similar experiences?  Should I be expecting to 
get this fixed soon, or should I just wait for Xorg, which probably 
(hopefully?) has it sorted already?

Also, what's the general status of r128 support in Xv, DRI, console, etc.?  Is 
anyone still improving it, or has it been relegated to the past?


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