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Same G3, new problems....

After taking a few days away from this most disturbing task, I recently
tried to install an Alladin Expander file that was sent to me by a very
kind person from this group.  I burned the file, "install aladdin
expander 6.0.1" onto a CD and inserted it into my G3 ppc running OS
8.5.  When I tried to expand it (I need it for BootX so that I may
install Debian on my OldWorld G3), I got this error message:  "As an
owner of a Power Macintosh, you should obtain "DropStuff with Expander
EAnhancer" to expand files much faster!!"  There is no new Alladin
folder, and BootX still will not open (corrupt archive error)..ANY
IDEAS??  Thank you for your time...

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