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Re: Which Kernel for Airport Support?

The petition is a great place to point that individual once he is willing to listen however
the listening part is what's going to take work. I think we need to target a few key
individuals rather than shout at the company name.

Agreed - if you can use your contact to get any further, I'll buy you
all the beer you can drink!! ;-)

Seriously though, if you can contact this guy and see how far you can
get, you'd have a lot of fans!

just give they guy a buzz and see what you can do, this list has alot
of the best linux-ppc minds listening. we just bought ben a minimac
so we can get him an airport e card as well. and then ben will show
the world how cool he is and write a driver. then next thinkg you know
yellow dog will use it as a 'new feature' as if they made it up. ok
ill be nice now. but seriously. its not like the info will go to waste.
i think everyone can learn from silly creative when they released closed
source drivers for the sblive, then they open sourced it and alan cox
made it good. hello alan cox, hes like the second highest person in
linux kind (debatable) and now the sblive is "the" card for linux
sound. so from boycott to prefered in one little release. its also
a tribute to creatives good chipset as well.

by buzz of course i mean call. im australian, although im on a plane from new zealand right now. (go look it up on a map)

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