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Re: iBook G4 CDWriter and hdparm

A Dijous 24 Febrer 2005 19:50, Alfonso Aguarón Turrientes va escriure:
> Hi all,
> this is my first message on the list so hi to everyone.
> Well this is my problem. I own an iBook G4 with Debian Sid PPC
> installed. Everything is working fine, but recording CDs. I only records
> at 8x speed even when I add "speed=24" at cdrecord options.
> I guess my problem should be solved with hdparm so I have tried to
> enable I/O Support (32 bits), DMA and UDMA66. When I run hdparm like
> this:
> hdparm -c 1 -d 1 -X66 /dev/hdc
> hdparm hangs and so I'm unable to use my cd writer 'til I reboot the
> computer.
> I'm using 2.6.9-powerpc kernel image. Maybe, should I have to compile my
> own kernel with support for any feature? Has anybody had the same
> problem as me?

I have same problem since I bought my ibook G4 (a year and half ago). I've 
tested with differents distros and kernels with same results: cdburner starts 
at 8x and sometimes ends at 12x, but no more. 


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