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Re: Clock and Sound

David Medina <ibookdebian@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello list,

Hello David,

> When i run "alsaconf" and after "alsamixer" i can hear sound perfectly
> but if i reboot the system i must run "alsaconf" ...
> I try with dpkg-reconfigure alsa-base and choose "save always" but don work.
> what happen?¿

Did you add snd-powermac to /etc/modules?

> And have a problem with the "internal clock" because if i configure
> the date with "date 022101052005" (for example) after reboot one or
> two or three session i must configure new ...

Do you use ntpdate or something? Try it! The hwclock init script should
save and reload the hardware clock on shutdown and boot. Are there any
messages about this while booting?

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spending the next five or six hours trying to figure out what happened"
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