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Re: G3 installation problems

On (22/02/05 00:51), bluesbravo@gmail.com wrote:
> has anyone had any success installing debian on an old world G3??  i
> could really use some help with MKlinux or BootX installations....
Start here:

Although, you will have more luck I suspect with the new sarge installer
d-i rc2:


You need to copy the /vmlinux and /initrd files to your system folder as
per the BootX instructions.  You can then boot into the installer.
Before rebooting after the initial install you need to copy the
installed /vmlinux and /initrd files to the Mac side to complete the

Googling this list with 
site:lists.debian.org g3 bootx

should produce some results that help

I haven't done this for a while (I gave the machine away with sarge
installed) but if you read the docs, it is fairly straightfoward.



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