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Re: HELP!... cant boot and cant open CDROM...

On (22/02/05 00:00), Charles Read wrote:
> Hey everybody!
> In a REAL crunch here!  Was playing around with adding a new firewire 
> drive to my PowerMac linux system, wouldnt you know a power outage 
> shows up... as a result I cant boot and I need to be able to get to my 
> hard drive to edit the mess ups... but I cant eject the CD drive to 
> throw in knoppix or anything else.  When I try to boot I ge tthe yaboot 
> welcome and can choose to boot l for linux or c for cdrom... i need to 
> be able to get a disc in that cdrom... PLEASE HELP!!!
You don't say what model you've got - normally a straightened paper-clip
will enable you to open the tray with the power off.  Look for a hole at
the front of the tray.



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