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Re: msdos Zip on Pismo internal drive?

On Thu, Feb 17, 2005 at 03:19:46PM -0500, vze26m98 wrote:
> I've got a stable Woody distro on my Pismo laptop and an internal VST
> 250 meg Zip drive in the CD Rom bay.
> I can mount an HFS formatted Zip like this:
> mount -t hfs /dev/hde ./zip
> ...and I can of course mount and read ISO9660 CDs when the CD in is the
> bay.
> I have the msdos driver loading, I think, although the output of dmesg
> attached below isn't too encouraging.  (if anyone actually reads the
> dump, the msdos driver is called between the usb audio driver the
> appletalk driver...)

The fact that you can mount an HFS zip with that command is purely
accidental. It's an unintended (and in my view undesired) side effect
of support for HFS/hybrid CDs. You ought to be specifying the exact
partition and you must specify it for msdos formatted zip disks.

If you look at the output, it detects the partition map on the disk
and from this you can tell what device you should use. My guess based
on the messages in this log is to use /dev/hde4.

	Brad Boyer

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