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Re: old apple machines supported ?

On Thu, 17 Feb 2005 14:28, Jorge Salamero wrote:

> Quadra 650
> Performa 630

These are old (68040 based instead of 601 based).  I'm pretty sure they're 
supported by NetBSD.  I don't know about debian.  

Actually, I don't even remember a quadra 650; a centris 650 and a quadra 840 I 
remember.  But that might just be my mind playing tricks.

> Performa 6200

I don't remember the 6200, but I'd guess it is similar to the 6100.

> PowerMacintosh 4400/200

This should work.

> PowerMacintosh 6100/60

I used to have one of these running mklinux.  You should be able to get it to 
work.  At worst, mklinux will work :-)

> PowerMacintosh 7200/75

This should be slightly easier than the 6100, slightly more modern.


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