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Re: old apple machines supported ?

On Feb 16, 2005, at 8:28 PM, Jorge Salamero wrote:

hi all,

i'm in a non-profit organization section for recycling computers[1] and we have the following ppc, i've seen none of them are supported by netbsd but i can't find a supported model list by linux, where can i find it ? wich of
these machines will work with linux ?

Quadra 650
Performa 630
Performa 6200
PowerMacintosh 4400/200
PowerMacintosh 6100/60
The 6100 definitely works. I have a 6116CD variant running woody/stable. ..It's a NuBus machine so you need the MkLinux bootstrap and/or kernel. Unfortunately, I've forgotten the details, but the info is out there.

PowerMacintosh 7200/75
7200 works as well--it's a PCI machine so use BootX or the quik bootstrap...(see thread on "Switching from BootX to quik").

One caveat though: By today's standards all these machine shipped with smallish SCSI disks (<1G) and minimal memory (~32M). You should determine how much of each is available. Things'll be a bit tight if you have the base config.

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