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Re: where's tfm?

On Mon, 14 Feb 2005, Brad Boyer wrote:

I doubt it gets the kind of testing that the newer stuff does. I think
only the 7x00 and 8x00 models had the chaos bridge.

Hey Folks,

I just set up an 8600 at home with the sole purpose of playing around with multimedia stuff on it. I'm actually quite willing to spend some time to try to get the control video device working if it means I could recover one of my PCI slots (the one in question, currently occupied by an ATI Mach 64 card).

I have no device driver programming experience, but I've programmed with C for the last few years, and am quite willing to learn here, if some of the more knowledgeable folks are willing to answer sticky questions when they come up ;-) Even it means going back to Mac OS classic and taking apart system extensions, etc, I'm willing to give it a go ...

So here are my first couple of questions.  I had "testing" on this mac
but I'm quite willing to wipe the install and start from scratch - and I probably will, just to test out the new installer... But if I do kernel work and I have questions, what sources would be the best to use ? And how would I get these sources ?


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