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m3mirror and distortion

I've been trying to get the external monitor output of my G3 iBook (ca.
2002) working.

I've downloaded the m3mirror tool from benh's site, copied it to
/usr/local/bin, uncompressed it and made it executable. To zero-order it
works i.e. after giving the command "m3mirror lcd:1 crt:1" I get output
on the external monitor. BUT there are high spatial frequency waves of
horzontal stretching and conpression drifting slowly up the screen.
These have a spatial period of about 10 pixels and comparable amplitude
at the edges (though they look to be much weaker in the middle of the
screen). I can't tell if the opposite edges are in phase or antiphase.

The rest of the important stuff about the system:
iBook G3 600MHz (384 Mb)
Debian Sarge (up to date within the last week)
Stock Debian kernel 2.6.8-powerpc (2.6.8-9)
ATI Rage Mobility M3 AGP 2x (rev 02)
Running XF86 in 16 bpp mode (as I recall 24 bpp wouldn't give 1024x768
though it will in OSX).

The monitor behaviour was at least qualitatively identical with 2
totally different external monitors (a) an Iiyama LCD monitor capable of
1280x1024 @ 60 (+?) and (b) a Phillips CRT monitor capable of 1600x1200
@ 85. (I haven't checked whether the actual drift rates are the same).

Does anyone know which (if any) of the various kernel patches that are
floating around the place are appropriate to my system and if so whether
the symptoms I've described resemble those they are supposed to fix? And
if not whether there is anything that does fix the problem -- or what
settings I might try tweaking?


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