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Re: yaboot killed after MacOS X update

Ciao Carsten Friede, nel tuo messaggio dicevi:

> How can I 
> install yaboot again, without a complete reinstallation of my whole system?

Well you can reinstall yaboot via chroot, but can be quite a PITA.

Start the d-i (maybe the ubuntu livecd can do too!) and get to a shell.
There, mount in rw your / partition and chroot into it:

# chroot /where/you/mounted

now mount all of your partitions, I guess a 

# mount -a

should do, and then issue

# ybin -v

That should do the trick.
I had to do it a couple of times (my fault in writing yaboot.conf) and
worked quite well.

I really hope we can get Grub or an equivalent very very soon, as I hate

Good luck!

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