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disable touchpad - accidental tap [was: Re: trackpad on powerbook]


Since I have bought my Powerbook G4 laptop and installed Debian on it I had some frustrations:

- accelerated video - not working - currently the radeon drivers do not support [Mobility Radeon 9600 M10] on ppc - not fixable until new drivers?

- my bluetooth mouse is not working. I saw it worked with the ubuntu live cd, but I don't know what to do to make it work on debian, too. I copied the /etc dir from ubuntu, but I don't know what should be replaced in my /etc dir to make the bluetooth mouse work. I suspect the d-i detects and configures the blue tooth mouse if it detects it. Couldn't that software be packaged (.deb not .udeb) and used after installation?

- the touchpad is _extremely_ sensitive and I find myself writing in various places in a document 'cause I touch t (arrrggh, just happed) the touchpad accidentally. I found out that with tpconfig I should be able to configure the touchpad that is is disabled automatically for a period of time when I start typing, but tpconfig gives me errors:

# tpconfig -i

No Synaptics or ALPS touchpad device found

Any help in closing either of the points above is appreciated. Thanks.

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