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Re: trackpad on powerbook

Sometime in February Colin Leroy assaulted the keyboard and produced:

| Hi,
| > adb: starting probe task...
| > adb: finished probe task...
| > ...
| > mice: PS/2 mouse device common for all mice
| >
| > There is nothing between the starting and finished probe. Perhaps that
| > is my problem ;).
| Certainly :)

I don't know if you caught this in the original post, but this is a new
powerbook (released last week). I'm really starting to think that the old
adb drivers don't work with the newer models.

| > # CONFIG_USB_MOUSE is not set
| You should have this on to use usb mice, but I fail to see a problem
| with the rest. You should really try a 2.6 kernel (you run 2.4 I
| think?), you'll probably have better luck...

All the output I sent in response to your initial questions was for a 2.6
kernel. I've been trying both 2.4 and 2.6 kernels to see if that might fix
things. I'm not too worried about getting a usb mouse working if I cannot
figure out the trackpad.

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