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Re: Linux on the Mac Mini -- Updated

On Fri, Feb 11, 2005 at 11:43:46AM +0000, William R Sowerbutts wrote:
> Hi Sven,
> On Fri, Feb 11, 2005 at 12:18:08PM +0100, Sven Luther wrote:
> >  1) debian-installer provided libparted based partman partitioner should be
> >  able to resize HFS and HFS+ partititons, i have not personally played much
> >  with it, but it should work. Feedback is welcome.
> That's clever. I'll have to give it a go one day. Does it support journalled
> HFS+?  The Mac Mini ships with a single journalled HFS+ partition spanning the
> entire disk. I'm not sure how journalling was implemented in HFS+, presumably
> it's backwards-compatible?

Not sure, please give it a try, and submit a bug report if it fails, and we
will see if K.G. will be able to fix it, he is the author of the libparted
HFS-resize patch.

> >  2) you say "Build an optimized kernel". I strongly object to this
> >  recomendation, and ask you to remove it from your howto. The existing debian
> >  kernel should be enough for everyone, and i don't believe that you can
> >  further optimize it.
> Is there no performance difference resulting from removing the PPC 601 sync
> workarounds, which are built into the Debian kernel but not necessary on the
> G4? The kernel documentation for "CONFIG_PPC601_SYNC_FIX" says "These extra
> instructions reduce performance slightly".

Mmm, maybe, but probably nothing quantifiable. Benh, or someone knowledgeable,
can you maybe comment on this ? 

> You are quite right, though, the kernel shipped by Debian does work very well
> on the mini, and there is no pressing reason to replace it. I've changed the
> phrasing to make it sound less like a recommendation. It now reads: "If you
> wish to build your own kernel, here is my kernel .config for 2.6.9, which you
> may find useful. Building a new kernel is very quick and simple with the
> Debian tools, just install "kernel-package" and follow the documentation."

Please add something to the effect that it is not really recomended nor
supported by the debian/powerpc kernel maintainers too.

Also, there is some hope on the airport extreme, altough a remote one, i am
considering a little hardware project on this one. The main question is if
this card is indeed the exact same airport extreme card as used in
i|powerbooks ?


Sven Luther

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