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Switching from BootX to quik

The time has come for me to decommission OS 9 from my old-word 8500 and go pure linux--but to do it without re-installing or repartitioning the disks.

I think the following procedure will accomplish what I want to do:

1.  apt-get install quik - but do NOT install a boot-record.
2. remount the existing /boot (hfs) as /oldboot. /boot becomes just a directory on the root dev.
3.  copy vmlinux, System.map and cofig files from /oldboot to /boot
4.  modify /etc/quik.conf
5.  dpkg-reconfigure quik (to install boot record)
6. use nvsetenv to inspect boot record; boot-device should show the path to roots disk.
7.  use nvsetenv to turn off auto-boot? (just in case)
8.  connect a console
9.  reboot.

The OS9 partitions will be left in-situ for now. In the unlikely event I need to boot OS9 (e.g. to run TechTool) I'll boot off a CD.

Comments?  Can I get reassurance that this procedure is likely to work?

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