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Re: trackpad on powerbook

hello John...

* John Harrold <jmh17@pitt.edu> [2005-02-10 14:38 +0100]:
> So I decided it was time to get a laptop and I got a powerbook. Naturally
> the first thing I did was repartition the drive to install linux. Now I've
> got debian installed and it's dual booting between osx and debian just
> fine. After installing and configuring X, gdm starts and x _looks_ fine.
> However, the mouse doesn't work. I've tried various devices in the
> XF86Config file:
> /dev/input/mice
> /dev/input/mouse0
> /dev/input/mouse1
> /dev/psaux
> though none of them seem to work. I realize that apple just started using
> trackpads which give the user scrollwheel like functionality. Is it
> possible that this is what is wrong?

hm, i do not think so. i have scrollwheel functionality with the help of
mouseemu (http://www.geekounet.org/powerbook/files/mouseemu.tar.gz) on
a 15 months old Powerbook, too.
there might be some kernel modules missing. what does your .config look
like? is CONFIG_INPUT_ADBHID enabled?
you should see some output when you "cat < /dev/input/mice" and move
your finger on the trackpad.

> I've looked around on the web and most of the pages about installing linux
> on powerbooks are pretty old. Can anyone offer any thoughts on this?

does any of the reports listed on http://tuxmobil.org/apple.html help

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